Club Lounge Radio
joint venture

is a small radio network with Trance music and alternative section (Radio Fantasy Island), constantly expanding its network with labels, producer, DJs and other music business related / matching persons and organizations, broadcasting music 365 d by year, 24 h by day.

365 53 7 24

Club Lounge Radio
is offering

- new,
- classic and
- unknown tracks

mixes and productions inside Trance music scene concentrating on certain main styles namely melodic, uplifting, vocal, progressive and Dance Trance (smooth styles).

Specified slots are for supported DJs and are to be found on the web site with links to actual track lists and further information about all present DJs, productions as well as other releases.

CLR - Trance



00:00 – 23:59h CET

Club Lounge Radio  Trance music

under construction
Language Of Trance - MataMar

Matt Zeke
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