DJ Alexsed

Beginning  his  career  in  1979 in  the clubs of Western
Ukraine,  Alexsed  has given the dance  floor a  taste of
nearly  every style in  existence. But  trance – being as
demanding  and  versatile among  all  other electronic
styles has become his favorite.
Throughout   the   early   90 ' s,  Alexsed   started
branching out, while at the same time becoming
more  acquainted  with Trance  heavy - hitters
such as Simon Berry, Alexander Stiepel  and
Marc Van Dale.
After a life - changing decision  to  move  to
the  United  States in 1995,  Alexsed once
again had to start fresh in making a name
for himself. While always staying  true to
his roots and breaking through inTrance&
Progressive styles,Alexsed has taken the
next step for his career in today's techno-
logically-rich environment by opening his
outreach  to  the  internet and  streaming
Remixing,mash - ups, and production are
other projects that Alexsed  started back
in 2003 and is still enjoying today.
Alexsed has made it his absolute priority
to always  cater to  his  audiences, while
putting  together  only  the   most refined
mixes for them to experience.
His  live sets entertained  audiences from
Poland,   Germany,     Austria,     Bulgaria,
Hungary, Lithuania, Russia and his native
country of Ukraine, while Alexsed was  a
member of  " Inter-Tour " ( Sputnik )   in
if you're in the mood for an uplifting, eye-
opening      Trance     and       Progressive
experience,  tune in  and don't hesitate to
check  out   " Trance  in   Progress "  with
DJ Alexsed!
For inquiries and bookings,
just e-mail!

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