Tezija and Keyra

Tezija (04-05-1990) & Keyra  are  the hosters  of  worldwide  broadcasted
radio show Club Nation.
The croatian duo Tezija & Keyra started working together back in 2007 and
since then things grow fast. They got signed to Neveah Music and  released
tracks like Close Connections (with Malev), Apart  From You,  Miami  646
(as  Avdo & Chanel)  and  Exor (Reloaded). In  the beginning  of  2009
they   started   their  own   progressive /  trance  radio  show  Club
Nation on a dutch FM station. The show got very  populair and
age huge brazilian radio station wanted them to broadcast
their  show  on  their  international  station  based in
Nagoya, Japan  and broadcasting on  the FM to
millions of people.
They  already   released  3  albums  of
their  radio  show. The  Pre-summer
Compilation,  Summer  Edition  and
Club Nation  Yearmix  2009.  Club
Nation is  not only  a  mix  of  the
best    classics     and     newest
tracks   but    also   gives    the
chance     to      new    talented
producers  to   get   heard   by
sending in their demo!
Tezija    &    Keyra    are    still
growing  and for sure you will
hear  a  lot  more  of  them   in
Language Of Trance - MataMar

Matt Zeke
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