Veselin Tasev

Trance DJ and producer
from Bulgaria


He  started working  with  the  producer Steve O.
and  the  music  company  "JOE"   (Sofia)   from
1992  -  2001,  which   has  contracts  with   the
following    music   companies:    Hitland,  Time,
Dancework,   ZYX     and     Media     Records.
At the end of  '93 he won  the national DJ
contest   for   best   mixing   DJ.   He   also  
recorded  several   mix  albums ( some of
which have over 500.000 copies in print).
In the summer of 2000 Veselin Tasev has
an   incredible success along with his
producer  Steve O.
by   releasing  a    hit-mix   " Latino  088 "
for    the     Bulgarian     Mobile    Company
In  the beginning of  May  in 2008  Veselin
released  another  new  production  called
"Inspirit"and a further two month later he
again released  a  track:  Hot single "After
Veselin Tasev is included on yearlong Top
100 DJ’s 2008 organized by DJ MAG  and
He was personally approved by DJ No1 in
the  world  in  2005  and  2006, Paul  van
Dyk, to be part of  PvD-World-Tour 2009,
live in Sofia.Participate in big club parties
2008 and early2009 in Sofia with famous
dj’s  as   Markus  Schulz,    Ronski  Speed,
Cosmic Gate, Sander van Dorn,  Menno de


2007 –  "Polarize" (Trance4M8)
2007 –  "Sunny Wind" (TCD Recordings)
2008 –  "Inspirit" (TCD Recordings)
2008 –  "After Sunset" (TCD Recordings)

2009 –  "Blue Light" (TCD Recordings)
2009 –  "Blue Light" Remixes (TCD
                Recordings) Forthcoming

2009 –  "After Sunset 2009" Remixes
                (TCD Recordings) Forthcoming
                    Latest playlist here
Language Of Trance - MataMar

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